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Edo is an artisan stove-maker and a great lover of the Maremma folk traditions. He became passionate about fire as a child, when his father Silvestro, bricklayer, involved him in the construction of the fireplace of the family home. This experience involves him so much as to mark a deep groove in his life and, after various employment changes, finally turns into a precise professional choice.

After an initial self-taught approach, he trained at ANFUS as a technician specialized in the installation of flues and conduits for the evacuation of fumes, thus completing his profile as a fireplace designer and builder. At the same time, he carries out an anthropological study linked to the history and traditions of the Maremma territory, a passion that penetrates and enriches his activity of building traditional fireplaces.

Archipenzolo Ricerca Restauro e Territorio

Archipenzolo Research Restoration and Territory is the study, laboratory-showcase and home of Edo Galli, located in the hamlet of Braccagni (Grosseto). A fundamental fulcrum of Edo's personal and professional history, a place that he calls "L'Edicola del Focolare", because since the 50s it was used as a kiosk before becoming a private space and above all a home.

Archipenzolo also includes the research and design activity of Edo's work, which, due to its particular characteristics, is always itinerant. Uniqueness and originality are at the origin of every project, planning, in fact, develops especially on the ability to observe and feel the places: "Listening to a place - it tells - is essential to be able to realize the most suitable product for the client's needs".
Focusing on the methods and techniques of the work process, he specifies that the craftsmanship of the artefacts begins with the exclusive use of materials coming from the territory, such as sandstone from the Rigo of Buriano and the calcareous sand from the Montepescali hill, used as base of the mixture for the processing of mortars.

However, the handcrafted construction does not exclude the use of technological means, which are now essential for meeting environmental challenges. «The open fireplace represents a source of pollution - as he explains - so, there is a challenge for the stove-makers to realize energtic renovation, which would be able to decrease pollution sources. In the future - he adds - there will be flue dust cleaning plants that will significantly reduce emissions into the atmosphere ".

Archipenzolo Ricerca Restauro e Territorio is in Braccagni (Gr) in Viale dei Garibaldini, 22
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