Bespoke and made to measure tailoring - Fleurs Atelier #Story N.2



Paolo is an authentic fashion craftsman. He discovered his passion for his work at the high school, when he realized that the interest in clothing and style could become a way to express his creativity. He studied and trained first in Florence, attending a school of fashion design, and later in an atelier in Prato, where he worked as a fashion designer for important collections.

Over time, he decides to return to its origins, in Maremma, to start a business that can express what it really wants. This is how it was born Fleurs Atelier.

Fleurs Atelier

Fleurs Atelier is an artisan tailor's shop founded in 2012 in the heart of Grosseto, where Paolo designs and manufactures tailored men's and women's clothing. The name contains the elegance and classicism of the creations that, while remaining in the sign of the great Italian sartorial tradition, become unique and original garments for the wearer.

Before shaping a piece of clothing, Paolo tries to better interpret the wishes of the customers, orientating them in the choice of cutting through the creation of sketches and proposing a wide range of fabrics.
The working method, as Paolo himself tells, is carefully developed through artisanal techniques that require a lot of precision and dedication, such as the wide use of handmade stitching, helping to keep intact the charm of this ancient craft.


Fleurs Atelier is in Grosseto in via Colombo 11

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