Fine leather workshop - Gri.Fi.Lo.lab #Story N.1



Cecilia, the Gri.Fi.Lo.Lab owner, is an artisan passionate about her job. After her university studies spent in Rimini, she moved to Florence where she lived and works for several years.

In a short time, her creative disquiet brought her to know a small Florentine studio of artisan leather goods, and that's where she discovered her passion for leather craftsmanship. Therefore, she quickly decided to start an apprenticeship to learn the leather work techniques and above all: «to learn to love this job» as she points out.


Cecilia is a leather artisan, but her work is not limited to the exclusive use of leather. She loves experimenting with different materials, such as fabrics or plastics, which she recombines in an original way to give life to his creations.

Gri.Fi.Lo.Lab is therefore much more than an artisanal leather studio, it is a real creative forge where techniques and new ideas are experimented. The choice of raw materials to work on, as she says, is done with extreme care and is the first source of inspiration for her work.

The leather used is selected based on consistency, color and smell, to ensure the highest quality products. Cecilia realizes both models on request, personalizing them with great versatility, and unique pieces that are the fruit of her creativity and continuous experimentation.

Gri.Fi.Lo.Lab is in Grosseto, in via Monte Labro 3

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