Maremma could mean many things.

It is a mosaic of historical and natural beauties that ranges from the hinterland of the villages perched on the hilltops, to the wide coastal strip that extends to the unique landscapes of the Uccellina mountains, included in the Natural Park of Maremma region.

It is a land of taste, marked by countless food and wine tours known as the Roads of wine and flavors.

It is a unique, charming and discreet summer destination. Between the Gulf of Follonica and La Costa d'Argento there is an enchanting itinerary to discover, where pristine beaches alternate, sometimes hidden in small coves, protected by centuries-old pine forests immersed in the Mediterranean scrub.

The Maremma is also the subjective gaze of those who live in this land with their personal bonds, rich in inspiration, complexity and suggestions. The Maremma craftsmen told their Maremma as home, warmth, land of the soul ...

The Maremma - Portraits of a land